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The key here is to look at your target domain’s general niche and look for related sub-niches and see if there are drop domains in those related areas. For this conversation, we will consider non-free blog platforms that are self hosted. Obtaining separate C Block IP addresses was the most challenging part of creating my own PBN and I still struggle with this issue. It introduces challenges that PBNs avoid

This would be logged for your record. A link should only be given when it truly provides value to the user — anything to the contrary may result in less visibility within search engine result pages, or even a manual penalty.  Why does an expired domain pass more link juice than a brand new domain?  Because an expired domain carries more authority. You also want this domain to have many such backlinks from unique class C IP addresses. For a very high percentage of sites that experience de-indexing, the cause is being on an IP with bad neighbors. This will require some effort on your part, but remember: Just because you aren’t aware of what goes on behind the curtain doesn’t mean you won’t be held responsible for the consequences. You need to stop living in the stone-age of SEO. This guide is all you need to know about building your own private blog network to rank your sites highly in Google

If they're doing that, they are mostly happy. And again ‘Search Settings’, these are all of the auction sites it covers and you can untick these. There was a lot of speculation online about how these networks were found and most of them point to the networks having used very poor low-quality content and not having followed the rules required to keep a PBN private.  Typically, the free blog domains do not have as much power as self hosted blogs. If you are unsure what they are, then you can find a couple of very good articles here and here

 That many links from one C Block is a little strange and not very likely naturally. One trick is to only bid on a domain when there are just a few minutes left. So I switched to SEMrush Traffic Analytics. Yes, we are leaving a footprint here, which is we use CloudFlare CDN for all sites on our blog network, but these guys host over 1.5 million websites, it’s not a pattern that is going to expose our network or raise any red flags